8 Things to Eliminate

8 Things to Eliminate to Achieve Success!

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Would you like to increase your daily productivity, personal relationships, and your overall happiness? Rather than creating a regular to-do list, creating a NOT-to-do list would benefit you and improve your life in all three of those areas.

  1. Checking Your Phone When You Are Talking To Someone.
    • We’ve all been there. Immediately responding to a text message, or notification as soon as it comes through, no matter the surroundings. People pay attention to when you are not paying attention, especially because they are looking for your attention. They see it. In order to stand out, STOP CHECKING YOUR PHONE. It doesn’t notice when you are not paying attention, but people do, and they care. That’s the only way to become that person that everyone loves because when you are finished talking to them, they know that you were actually listening to everything that they had to say. They will remember you for that and will speak more highly of you to others.
  2. Meeting Multitasking.
    • Let’s face it, meetings only seem important when they pertain to us. However, every meeting, whether you deem important or not, pertains to you. Paying very close attention, can take you farther than you thought possible. You’ll hear and understand any hidden agendas, spot opportunities to build relationships, and find ways to make yourself indispensable to the people who matter most. Make yourself the smartest person in the room, pay attention to the task at hand and stop multitasking.
  3. Using Your Valuable Thoughts On People Who Don’t Affect Your Life AT ALL.
    • Taking a good look into yourself, how much energy would you say you expend on thinking about reality TV, celebrities, or what your neighbors were doing last weekend? If you take that same amount of energy away from that and use it towards something lucrative, wouldn’t that be much better use of your time? Stop wasting your time, give your time and attention to things and people that will make you a better person and advance your lifestyle. Only then, will you see the huge change in your life.
  4. Using Numerous Notifications.
    • Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest can wait. Instantaneously knowing you have an update or new email, doesn’t do you any good when you are trying to accomplish the task right in front of you. Completely a task successfully only gets done by not paying attention to anything else and focusing entirely on the task.
    • You will begin to realize yourself become more efficient and able to complete more tasks than before. Scheduling a break to check updates and new emails is not a bad thing, but stick to the schedule and don’t let yourself get distracted more than necessary. Notifications can wait, but your work cannot.
  5. Not Learning From Your Past.
    • Mistakes happen to everyone; we are only human. But learning from your mistakes is how you become a wiser and more successful person. Once they happen, let them go, learn from them, and then move forward. Turn those experiences into positive experiences that allow you to become more open-minded, better person. You are only defined by your past if you let it to be.
  6. Wait Until You Are Confident Enough To Think You Can Succeed.
    • Unfortunately, this is a mistake that most people make. DON’T WAIT. Everyone has the fear of the unknown, but if you are able to harness that fear and mold it into something gainful, you will surpass everyone around you. Some of the greats-Bill Gates, Madonna, Oprah-waited for and feared nothing. Failure is only an option if you make it one.
  7. Gossip
    • If you really think about it, is there any point in gossip? Most people do it because (a) they want to fit in or (b) they have an issue with something a person is doing but doesn’t have the confidence to engage in a confrontation to resolve the issue. If you removed gossip from your life, and spent that time in more productive conversations, you’d be amazed at the level of work you will be able to accomplish – not to mention the increased respect from your peers, coworkers, and employers.
  8. Say “Yes” To Any Request.
    • Sometimes telling someone “no” is a good thing. Refusing a request is not an easy thing to do, but wouldn’t you feel better to refuse, than to force yourself through a task that you didn’t want to do in the first place? Most people will understand. Feeling bad for a few moments is better than feeling bad for as long as it takes you to complete the task.

It may not be easy, but these are small things to eliminate to achieve success. Imagine how far you could go and how much better you will be able to use your time. It will take training, but once you let these go, you will begin to take a larger step towards becoming a better person as well as gaining success in all things.

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